Management Buy-outs & Buy-ins

Management Buy-outs (MBOs) and Management Buy-ins (MBIs) are typically complex and time consuming assignments.

Straits Advisors Group helps managers value and negotiate MBOs and MBIs. For both MBOs and MBIs, Straits Advisors Group will assist in negotiating the transaction, sourcing for capital and advising on ownership structures. We will aim for our clients to maximize the future value of their investment in the business while minimizing cash outflows. In addition, we will assist in structuring the transaction such that managers are able to drive the business that they are investing in and are not unduly constrained by onerous restrictions.

In the case of MBIs, we work proactively with buy-in managers to define their acquisition criteria and identify suitable target businesses. MBIs typically carry a higher risk than MBOs given that the prospective management team has less familiarity with the target company. Straits Advisors Group can help mitigate this risk by assisting in the due diligence exercise and analyzing the target company.